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Your family's safety is the one and only reason why you should have your fireplace serviced regularly. We do thorough inspections and use high-tech equipment for combustible gas and carbon monoxide detection. Routine service can help save you from costly future repairs due to normal wear, tear and neglect. It will also help save on fuel consumption by making sure that the fireplace is operating cleanly and efficiently.

With over three decades of professional expertise, we guarantee the safe and efficient operation of your fireplace.

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    Why is Annual Gas Fireplace Service Important?

    All appliances, including your fireplace, require periodic service or eventual replacement. Over time, fireplaces accumulate debris and pests, which can lead to concealed damage and hazardous conditions. Annual fireplace maintenance extends its lifespan, offers a cost-effective alternative to replacement, and enhances safety. Many fireplace owners are unaware that their manufacturer strongly recommends annual certified professional servicing.

    My Fireplace is Fairly New – Is Carbon Monoxide Really a Concern?

    Annually, 20,000 people end up in the hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning, with 400 never returning home. Over time, the gaskets sealing your glass fireplace door deteriorate, risking unsafe carbon monoxide leaks into your home. Regular gasket inspections are crucial to prevent these hazards. Improper installation and unsecured glass doors also pose risks. If your fireplace hasn't been serviced in the past year, schedule an appointment today.

    How Do I Know if My Fireplace Has Ever Been Serviced Properly?

    If you're in a new home with unknown service history, it's crucial to schedule a comprehensive inspection. This ensures not only a thorough cleaning but also checks for potential gas leaks and proper functioning of safety features. We frequently encounter fireplaces with compromised safety features due to DIY attempts or unqualified technicians. Protect your family by preventing such issues.