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Lexington Hearth

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Lexington Hearth is a brand of non-combustible mantels made in the USA and sold in North America.

In 2022 we launched our Bluegrass Collection of mantels making them available for purchase through independent hearth dealers.  Our Bluegrass Collection of mantels was inspired by old-growth timbers and beams salvaged from historic barns, farms, homes, and cabins across the Bluegrass region.

Our high-definition Burncrete is a patented non-combustible casting formulation, that authentically replicates the rich wood grain and character details of antique wood.  Each Lexington Hearth mantel is meticulously hand-painted, by talented coloring artists, to capture the natural weathered character and color nuances acquired with long-term exposure to the elements over the years. The end result is the realistic look of an antique mantel suitable for fireplace designs requiring non-combustible materials.

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