Igniting the Joy of Fire

If Your Fireplace Looks Like This – It’s Time for a Service


If your fireplace looks anything like the gas fireplace to the left – your fireplace may not be safe to operate. As fireplaces accumulate carbon deposits, dirt, dust, rust, spider webs, and all manner of insects and other critters – orifices can become blocked or completely plugged. This condition can cause a delayed ignition when the unit is turned on, causing a build up of gases and a mild to severe explosion inside your fireplace.

Newer fireplaces have safety features built in to them to handle this type of issue up to a certain point without blowing out the glass – but older units do not. Having your fireplace thoroughly inspected by a professional and also cleaned out and refurbished on a yearly basis provides you with the peace of mind that you and your family deserves. Be sure that the professional you hire is not an “inspection only” type of a serviceman. It is essential that your fireplace is cleaned and checked as thorough as possible, just cleaning your glass is not sufficient.

This is what a thoroughly serviced and refurbished fireplace should look like upon completion – just like new. Expect the most from your service professionals and make sure you ask for references – they are often your best source of reliable information.