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If Your Fireplace Looks Like This – It’s Time for a Service

If your fireplace looks anything like the gas fireplace to the left – your fireplace may not be safe to operate. As fireplaces accumulate carbon deposits, dirt, dust, rust, spider webs, and all manner of insects and other critters – orifices can become blocked or completely plugged. This condition can cause a delayed ignition when the […]

Positive Pressure Fireplaces – Filling Homes with Pollution?

How Does a Positive Pressure Fireplace Work? Positive pressure fireplaces operate in a manner similar to swamp coolers by blowing in outdoor air through a high speed fan system to positively pressurize your home. Imagine blowing air into a paper bag with small holes in it and you will get a miniature idea of how […]

Should a Handyman Work on Your Gas Fireplace?

After 30 years of servicing gas fireplaces, my knowledge has only to do with the laws of the State of Utah as I am not familiar with other States and their regulations. In Utah, anyone that works on a gas fireplace must be certified as a Natural Gas Technician by the Rocky Mountain Gas Association. […]

A Regularly Serviced Fireplace Helps Keep You and Your Family Safe

Over time – fireplaces accumulate dirt, dust, rust, spiders, bugs, flying ants, and all sorts of surprises; the critters and dirt usually start out as minor issues but are often the source of serious damage and unsafe operating conditions that you can’t see. Regular service will help keep you safe while lengthening the life of […]

Adding a Fireplace to Your Home – Is it worth the investment?

This article brings to light the importance of making sure you install a furnace-rated fireplace in your home and not an outdated inefficient and expensive masonry fireplace. It also prompts me to stress the importance of doing your own research and finding those people that actually know what they are talking about – rather than so called “experts” […]