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Shaun as a Young Chimney Sweep

Shaun Jacobsen

Why did you start Southern Utah Fireplaces?

I began my career in the hearth industry as a 13 year old entrepreneur growing up in Morgan, Utah. My father, Barry, was a sales rep for Heritage Stoves and he provided me with the initial equipment and a few contacts to start up my own chimney sweeping business. I remember carefully cleaning out my first firebox with the vacuum when I suddenly felt the customer tapping rather roughly on my shoulder. As I lowered my goggles; I immediately saw the fine soot floating around the room – dad had forgot the put the filter inthe vacuum. (that is how I remember it but his version might be slightly different (grin))

It took me a few more chimney cleaning jobs to pay for the “whoops” of the first one. That was a very educational lesson for a boy of 13 and because of it  I can honestly say that I have never again left a mess in someone’s home.

Barry Jacobsen Fishing

Nice Trout Dad

During the next two summers I worked in a manufacturing plant assembling Heritage Wood Stoves and soon after that I was putting together Jamestown Pellet Stoves. In 1988 my family moved to Southern Utah and my father opened The Fireside Home Center, where we sold, installed, serviced, and repaired wood, gas, and pellet fireplaces, stoves and inserts for the next 20 years.

While managing The Fireside for my father I started a hearth products service business and put my name to it. Shaun’s Fireplace Service grew as I worked evenings and weekends servicing and repairing gas and pellet fireplaces. 20 years later my father closed The Fireside’s storefront in December of 2008 and was  soon working as a sales rep for Pacific Energy Wood Stoves. He travels all over the Western United States and sends me pictures of how hard he is working. Nice rainbow trout dad.

After a few years of running my business out of my home I decided to open my own retail near the location of my Dad’s old store on Sunset Blvd. In 2011 Shaun’s Fireplace Service became Southern Utah Fireplaces. The History of Southern Utah Fireplaces is rich with deep associations with our existing customers and we love to add to new and exciting friends to our family each day. We are located at 920 West Sunset Blvd in St. George, Ut. Stop by and see our showroom and let us help help you with your hearth product needs and service.

Although I offer many different brands of fireplaces, I am St. George’s authorized dealer of Majestic Fireplaces, an amazing company with a complete line of high quality and highly efficient hearth products.

My work ethic is simple; follow The Golden Rule and everyone wins. Whether you are looking for a new fireplace or stove, or need service or repair on an existing one, I offer incredible prices and a sales and service experience that is personal and professional.

What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?IMG_3163_001

What sets me apart from the competition is that I do my own work, I am the one with the experience that comes to your home and offers my years of knowledge, my one of a kind services and professional expertise. You rarely see that kind of service anymore and I am proud to be able to offer it to you.

What I offer you is a totally unique and personal business experience, one that you won’t find anywhere else.

What do you like most about Southern Utah?IMG_0992_1

There is no place in the world like Southern Utah. I feel fortunate to live in such an amazing community, I would love to earn your business and add you to my family of wonderful customers.

I look forward to working with you and building a long term relationship that is rewarding and fun. At your convenience call me for a free estimate.

Thank You,

Shaun Jacobsen – Owner

Southern Utah Fireplaces & Service

920 W Sunset Blvd.
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Serving Southern Utah for over 25 years