Annual Fireplace Service?

Why is Annual Gas Fireplace Service Important?

Before Service

Fireplace in Serious Need of Service

Gas Fireplace Before Being Serviced by Southern Utah Fireplaces

After Service

Gas Fireplace After Being Serviced by Southern Utah Fireplaces

Gas Fireplace After Being Serviced by Southern Utah Fireplaces

All appliances require service or eventural replacement sooner or later – Your fireplace is not any different and annual gas fireplace service will prolong the life of your fireplace and is considerably more affordable than having to replace your whole unit. It’s also much safer.

Over time – fireplaces accumulate dirt, dust, rust, spiders, bugs, flying ants, and all sorts of surprises; the critters and dirt usually start out as minor issues but are often the source of serious damage and unsafe operating conditions that you can’t see. Regular service will help keep you safe while lengthening the life of your fireplace.

We have found that very few Fireplace owners are aware that their fireplace manufacturer strongly recommends annual service by a certified professional.

My Fireplace is Fairly New – Is Carbon Monoxide Really a Concern?

The gaskets that keep your glass door sealed break down and compress over time, eventually your fireplace will lose its seal. This creates a very unsafe condition which can allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home. When your furnace turns on, it can make this problem even worse by pulling exhaust around that loose seal and into the room. The gaskets need to be checked yearly to make sure they are sealing properly – if they aren’t – they need to be replaced before using your fireplace again.

We have all too often come across new fireplaces that were not installed properly or the last person to open the glass neglected to secure it back on correctly. If your fireplace hasn’t been serviced in the last year – call to schedule an appointment.

20,000 people a year are sent to the hospital emergency room to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning – 400 of them never come home. Read the following article from the U.S. Fire Administration on the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Exposing an Invisible Killer

How Do I Know if My Fireplace Has Ever Been Serviced Properly?

If you’ve moved into a new home and have no idea of the previous service work that may have been done by either a well intentioned “do-it- yourself” homeowner or untrained technician, it’s a good idea to not only have it thoroughly cleaned, but to have it checked for possible gas leaks and proper operation of the built-in safety features of your fireplace. Almost weekly we come across fireplaces that have had the safety features either “wired across” or removed from the system completely, make sure that doesn’t happen to your family.

*** If you have any gas appliances in your home please invest in, at a minimum, two carbon monoxide detectors. Be sure to install one in your bedroom and change the batteries every six months.

You Could Save Money on Your Gas Bill Every Month With Yearly Professional Fireplace Service

To top it all off we refurbish your fireplace for no extra charge. When we are finished you will have a working fireplace that is safe, as efficient as possible, and looking good as new. We are also Certified as a Natural Gas Technicians by the Rocky Mountain Gas Association as required by law in the State of Utah.

Not only do we sell, service, and repair vented and vent free gas fireplaces, stoves and gas inserts, but also pellet stoves, gas logs, fire pits and barbecues.

You can be confident in the fact that it will be our years of experience and expertise that will be in your home to get the job done right. Feel free to request a free estimate online or please give us a call at your convenience.