Should a Handyman Work on Your Gas Fireplace?

After 25 years of servicing gas fireplaces my knowledge has only to do with the laws of the State of Utah as I am not familiar with other States and their regulations. In Utah – anyone that works on a gas fireplace must be certified as a Natural Gas Technician by the Rocky Mountain Gas Association. The law pertains to fireplace professionals, heating and air conditioning technicians, and anyone else attempting to service a gas fireplace – including handymen and well-meaning neighbors and brother-in-laws.

If the person working on your fireplace is certified as a Natural Gas Technician, has a business license, and is insured – the next thing you will want to make sure of is his years of experience. Don’t leave the safety of you and your family in the hands of unqualified individuals – no matter who they are. Gas fireplaces are not the simple appliances that many people assume. Without the right equipment and knowledge, your fireplace could be left in a very dangerous state. Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide are not to be taken lightly and having certified technicians with the right equipment to test for leaks is extremely important.

There are also many safety features on your fireplace that must be tested and assured that they are working properly. I have been on way too many service calls where individuals have wired past the safety features – why someone would do that I have no idea. Don’t let just anyone work on your fireplace, even if it will save you a couple of dollars. The consequences are not worth it.

Whoever you choose to service or repair your gas fireplace, make sure you ask to see their Natural Gas Technician card – by law they must have it on them when working on your gas fireplace.

An important thing to remember, as stated by the fireplace manufacturer in your owner’s manual – Make sure you have your gas fireplace serviced yearly to keep it safe, efficient, and looking new for years to come.