Adding a Fireplace to Your Home – Is it worth the investment?

This article brings to light the importance of making sure you install a furnace rated fireplace in your home and not an out-dated inefficient and expensive masonry fireplace. It also prompts me to stress the importance of doing your own research and finding those people that actually know what they are talking about – rather than so called “experts” whose specialty is just writing articles.

It is not new news that masonry fireplaces are costly and extremely inefficient. The majority of earth-friendly home builders do not incorporate these fireplaces into the energy efficient homes that are being built today. They are installing furnace rated gas fireplaces that cost less than $1000 dollars and often operate more efficiently than the average furnace and heat the areas you spend the most time in. This type of fireplace can reduce the cost of running your furnace and pay for itself over time. As energy costs rise – the time to recoup your return on your initial investing shrinks considerably.

Who wouldn’t pay more for a luxury that warms your body as well as your soul – all while paying for itself and providing a peaceful environment to gather around and enjoy.